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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tata! Do you miss me?

Hi Hi Hi,

Sorry for MIA for 5 months!!! Mummy does post updates about me in her blog rather than in mine as she hardly has additional time for all these. She is on standby 24 hrs for me..Yeah me!

A quick summary of my progress, I must say I am an easy baby. Yeap, I love to self praise. I came out in one push within 1 minute so isn't that incredible? I promised not to give Mummy a hard time in delivery and I keep my promise. Kekeke.

I must confessed I did not give Mummy an easy time in breastfeeding. I was fussy, impatient and I insisted immediate attention when I cry. Oh well, Mummy was really depressed and stressed when she could only breastfeed me up to 3 months. I saw and felt that emotional struggle she had when she had to resort to giving me formula milk.:(

Generally, it's not that tough taking care of me right now compared to the first 4 months. I am more independent now, can play on my own and requires less attention. Occasionally, I still needed some cuddling, talking and playing with mummy.
I love to read books. Dr Seuss's Wacky Weather is my favourite book. Pigeon Mag Mag is my favourite training bottle as I learn to drink water all by myself. I used to hate and protest drinking water but ever since Mummy gave me that bright orangy bottle, I fell in love instantly and water is no longer detestable to me.

Music is a must in my daily routine. Sunday School Songs by Auntie Joey. Instrumental Christian Music and First Nursery Rhymes Songs are what I listen to every day. With that, I can keep motionless for at least half an hour. Not bad right!

Toys? Sad to say, I dun have much toys. Only a mini playmat gym,a Crawler toy by Auntie Pauline, a soft toy bunny by Godpa are my entertainers. Most of my playmates are Mummy, books and TEETHERS!

I am anticipating and wishing for more educational toys, SOLID FOOD, Playpen, high chair and BOOKS! :) I can't wait to taste rice cereal. You cannot imagine how torturous to see Mummy and Daddy eating in front of me and milk is the only source of food I can take. I am getting sick of it. Yucks! I am going to flood myself with drools and more drools till Mummy gives me the first spoonful of rice cereal!

Okie, you must be all wondering how I look like now....Take a glimpse below. So how do I look? Pretty, adorable, Kawaii? Kekeke

3rd Month Pics

2nd Month Pics

CNY Day 2

CNY Day 1

1st Month Pics

CNY lunch @ Holiday Inn

5th Month Pics

4th Month Pics

Friday, November 14, 2008

At Week 37

I am engaged! Ready to choose an auspicious date to see the world. Just kiddding! However, it will be kept a secret and you all just have to wait and anticipate my arrival. Hmmm...I am still petite at a weight of 2.7kg. Two weeks ago at week 35, I am also 2.7kg..No weight gain and Mummy is worried if it is normal. Doc A commented that it is acceptable and encouraged her to go for Natural Delivery. Dun worry Mummy, I will be cooperative. :) I promised. Smooth and fast labout k!

Now, I am more anxious for Mummy. She now has to focus in nursing her cough and flu so that she is in a tip top condition to welcome me into this world. As for Daddy, he is stressed by Mummy to get his last assignment done so that he could rest and help Mummy with the last bit of packing. I do wish to give myself as a birthday present for Daddy and celebrate his birthday on 28 Nov 2008. If the space and God permit, I will choose that as my auspicious day hahah...

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mummy is terribly sick :(

Boo Hoo Hoo, Mummy is very sick cause she caught a flu bug from Daddy and is coughing badly everyday. The flu tablet (Chlorpheramine)that she is taking is not doing its healing work on Mummy. Mummy is also worried that I might be affected by the bug and constantly talking to me and checking if I am active and kicking well. Daddy on the other hand is burnt out with his last two assignments, unduly causing mummy to be worried, stressed and restless as she has to take care of his emotional, physical and mental being.

So, since Mummy's next visit to the Gynae is this coming Sat, she decided to push forward to tonight to check on my latest update and at the same time to be treated of her flu bug. By the way, I am now a full term baby of 37 weeks and anytime from now, I may just pop suddenly. Let's see what Doc A has to say tonight. Can't wait to see Daddy and Mummy and gives off my brightest smile.

Mummy, hope you will recover soon so that it does not affect the delivery process....Daddy, relax and be steady, dun stressed and just do your best. You can do it!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 35

At Week 35, I weigh 2.7kg..still got another 5 more weeks to go. Dr A says I will not be coming out so early, most probably end of this month. Well, Mummy was telling me to wait till Daddy's birthday before I pop which is 28 Nov. It will be so exciting to have the same birthday as Daddy....I like! Meanwhile, I just have to be patient and wait..........

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.....

These two weeks have been raining cats and dogs. Mummy couldn't even wash my bedding set and some baby hand me downs as our balcony was deprived of sunlight. As I am due soon in 5 weeks time, Mummy is very anxious to get things done before I popped out. She prayed every morning for a bright and sunny day and hold and behold, God answered her prayers. The sun shone brightly and fiercely today so Mummy caught hold of this precious day and got the bedding set washed. Hopefully, we will have clear blue sky as well for the next few days. :)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winnie the Pooh Bedding Set

Woo Hoo! Mummy and Daddy was contemplating to buy the Winnie the Pooh bedding set which cost $79.90 after discount at Metro or Aussino Baby Bedding set which may cost about $69.90 to $75 after the 40% birthday discount for the Nov new arrivals. However, Daddy wanted to save money so decided not to get the Winnie the Pooh set. Mummy was disappointed and upset as we already have one Aussino bedding set and she wanted something different for the second set. What to do, Mummy learnt to obey and respect Daddy's decision.

I guess God must have seen and heard Mummy's heart and desire that she got a surprise from God after surfing the forum this morning. There is a Spree going on for Winnie the Pooh set and the closing date is today ! The Spree was started a week ago and Mummy did not know about it. The bulk purchase price for the set is $75 inclusive of free delivery to our home. Mummy was thrilled and thankful to God and sms Daddy just now to tell him if she could buy the set which is only $75, just a difference of $6 from Aussino. Immediately, Daddy responded and gave the go ahead approval as he found that it is a good deal. Wheee! Mummy ordered and they will deliver this coming Sat.

I am so happy and so is Mummy! Most importantly, thank God for such providence and wonderful surprise. It's great to witness the grace and the work of God even in this insignificant purchase of a bedding set. :)

This is what Mummy got for me. It is anti dust mite too!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blessing from Uncle Clarence

Daddy's classmate, Uncle Clarence gave Daddy a bag full of his daughter's used clothes. The clothes are still new and beautiful and Daddy and Mummy were grateful and thankful for such a blessing. Mummy woke up real early this morning to prepare breakfast, washed up half the loot of clothes from Uncle Clarence and cleaning the house. She is extremely tired I guess. Thanks Mummy for the hard work.

Not forgetting Uncle Clarence. Thanks Uncle Clarence for such beautiful clothes from your daughter. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family abundantly just as you have blessed others so much in your life. :)

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